No War! No Austerity! YSCND welcomes John McDonnell

As the academic year begins, the excitement of moving to new place, living independently and meeting new people is sadly met with financial worry for many students. September welcomes in the first year of new students starting university since George Osborne announced he was scrapping the maintenance grant, a vital lifeline given to help students from low income backgrounds cover rent, food and bills. Instead, students from low income backgrounds will find themselves leaving university with around £3000 more debt that those from a privileged background. According to the Chancellor, there was a ‘basic unfairness’ in the taxpayer aiding less privileged students to thrive at university.CORRECTED YouthCND NoWar NoAusterity 24Nov

Youth and Student CND believes there’s a basic unfairness in charging £9000 a year for education, slashing funding of schools and colleges, and forcing students from low income backgrounds to take out larger loans while committing to spend over £200billion on nuclear weapons. Our nuclear weapons system remains outdated and unnecessary, not protecting us from the main security threats facing us and certainly doesn’t invest in our future. Free education is a valuable investment and is far from an unachievable goal- whilst our university fees are the highest in Europe, Germany, Sweden and Norway are just some of the countries offering a successful system of free university education.

But before you up sticks and move to Norway, join Youth and Student CND in sending out the message to our Government that we won’t accept their austerity education! We’re holding a rally on November 24th to declare ‘No War! No Austerity!’ and unite student activists from across anti-war and anti-austerity campaigns. We think it’s refreshing to hear Jeremy Corbyn’s proposal of a National Education Service, investing money into education to enable people of all ages and backgrounds to access education and training at any stage in their life- this is why we’re excited to welcome John McDonnell to join us for our rally. A far cry from ex-Chancellor Osborne who waged war on education, McDonnell believes education is a right, not a privilege, and we couldn’t agree more.

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