Building a world free from nuclear weapons

Upcoming events

Youth and Student CND Away Day

Youth and Student Campaign for Nuclear Disarmament is excited to host an in-person away day in Birmingham in February 2023. This event will re-energise our campaign, help us set our direction for the next year including shaping some campaigns, and give us some time to socialise.

Past events

YSCND at Glastonbury

Every year, YSCND runs a property lock-up at Glastonbury. We run this service alongside 10 other CND and peace groups. If you're going to be at Glastonbury, come and find us to chat about peace and so we can look after your belongings.

Scrapping Trident: A New Generation of Anti-Nuclear Activists

YSCND held a day of workshops, creativity and discussion to unite the youth and student movement in campaigning against nuclear weapons. We collaborated with anti-Trident groups to share ideas and plan future actions! The day included workshops from Campaign Against the Arms Trade, Student and Young Pushwash with BASIC, Yorkshire CND, Young Greens, and SNP Youth.

No war! No austerity!

YSCND said “No to War! No to Austerity!” on Thursday 24th November 2016. We were joined by John McDonnell, Tariq Ali, Kate Hudson and Larry Sanders.