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Scrapping Trident: A New Generation of Anti-Nuclear Activists

-21st October 2017, Waterloo Action Centre 

YSCND are holding a day of workshops, creativity and discussion to unite the youth and student movement in campaigning against nuclear weapons. We’re collaborating with anti-Trident groups to share ideas and plan future actions!

Including workshops from:
Campaign Against the Arms Trade
Student and Young Pushwash with BASIC and Yorkshire CND
Young Greens
SNP Youth


Past Events

YSCND are saying “No to War! No to Austerity!” on Thursday 24th November 2016. Join us in Student Central, Malet Street, WC1E 7HY at 6.30pm. We are being joined by John McDonnell, Tariq Ali, Kate Hudson and Larry Sanders.  For more information, please see our Facebook event. Please click attending and share with your friends.CORRECTED YouthCND NoWar NoAusterity 24Nov

YSCND London Students Launch Party: Beats Not Bombs!
@ The Hive, Dalston

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Previous events

University of Yorkshire CND (along with Yorkshire CND and University of Yorkshire Green Party Society) held an event with Jonathan Bartley.